Nothing much happening, but I did only play two days.  Damien’s job as cult leader only requires him to go to work two days a week but he has to leave for work about 2-3 hours before sunset.  He was smoking rather badly on the way to the car and was close to starvation so I thought I’d get him to retire – but he’s not an elder so he can’t.  He either risks death and continues getting an income, or he quits and they get nothing.  They do have plenty of money but…  Perhaps he can continue to risk it until son, Luka, returns from college and gets a job (and Luka’s still a few days away from teenage!).

Amphyra is now a teen.

She’s the only child out of six to inherit Damien’s unusual eyes.  Ebony is still at college but I might make her drop out (there are just too many there and I get too bored trying to get them through four years of study (why couldn’t they have just made it three years?)

Amphyra wants her mother to be cured of vampirism and Serena wants Damien to be cured of it (even though she’s one as well).  Na, sorry.