You may remember the weird disappearance of Siobhan’s daughter, Marie.  After some time had passed I went back into their house and lo-and-behold Seamus was bringing in baby Marie from outside.  I was trying to figure out why Siobhan had another child when I remembered Marie was toddler Willy’s twin and hadn’t grown up.  Marie was back on the family list at least and everything seemed fine.  However, once placed in the cot everyone crowded round trying to pick her up but nothing happened.  Seamus nearly missed school completely because he was just standing there – wouldn’t pick her up or do anything I asked him to.  Eventually I had to take the baby out of the cot so everyone could go on with their lives instead of just standing there starving.

Willy was put into the cot at one stage and he froze (ie didn’t move) and again no-one seemed able to pick him up or do anything.  I took Willy out of the cot and deleted it.  The new cot seemed fine.  Baby Marie, meanwhile was just lying there being ignored but no social worker arrived.  Eventually she started moving again and everything was back to normal.  When Willy grew to school age,

Marie finally grew to a toddler.

That is so weird.

Seamus was very unhappy.  He couldn’t handle all the crying babies and craziness.  He even told off the crying Marie when he was on the computer next to the cursed cot.  He yelled and pointed at her while she was crying with dirty nappy.  Anyway, he’d had enough, and left for college.