Life as a vampire isn’t always easy.

The pesky sun comes up just when you’re in the middle of painting your beloved.

Amphyra, who insists on wearing pink, the rebel, had a friend home from school.

She’s fallen in love.   His name’s Gavin Newson.  Alas, I think the Newsons are still in the bin.  But she had her first kiss

and now they’re going steady (but I don’t think she’ll be able to call him).

Luka, meanwhile, has grown to a teenager.   He wasn’t too pleased with his new hairstyle and I tend to agree.  (I thought I’d try a different hairstyle this time but I just don’t like most of them.)

Damien’s oldest daughter by Marla, Demonica, has had her first child – a girl she chose to call Gypsy.

Romania met someone new at university.

She had her first kiss.

I can’t remember his name.  He’s one of the existing students in the apartments. 

I made Romania drop out – I’m not really interested in her.  Her new boyfriend waved to her as she left.