Even though the mansion wasn’t complete, Artois decided to move in.  It cost him 136,000 simoleons as it was.

Stupid Cochonette didn’t like the trees.  If she complains about much she doesn’t have to live there does she…. we might have plans for her!

View of the back garden so far.

I’m always disappointed at the lack of variety of Sim plants.  There’s nothing much between flowers and large trees except the hibiscus bush.  I’ll have to enable custom content and find more.  Let’s hope Mansions and Gardens has a better variety.

Artois’ sister, Hollandia, also moved out of the apartment.  They had a small house built over the fence from her grandfather’s old place.

Hollandia and Aiden move in

Hollandia and Aiden move in


I took this pic completely by mistake but it partially shows the house at the back where J-P used to live.

Last out of the apartments was Reefer and Calista and kid.  They moved into Zaitrarrio and Demi Love’s old place.  It was fully furnished since the occupants had all died there (yup I killed ’em off long ago).

In the new house Spliff grew to a toddler suddenly – took me by surprise – I thought he had another day yet.