Hollandia and Aiden settled into their new home but it was sparsely furnished – they didn’t have a lot and were still at the bottom of their new careers.  But that didn’t matter to them.  Hollandia organised the wedding for a week day – she had a day off but Aiden had to call in sick.

The entrance to the home is pretty narrow and the silly guests all got crowded on the landing and wouldn’t get out of each others’ way.

Aiden and Hollandia were oblivious.

Somehow the guests could see it all through the walls of the house.

From memory I think the guests included Hollandia’s siblings, Artois and Stella, father Henri, cousin Reefer, aunt Monique and Lithia.  The guests had done nothing to stop Reefer fighting with Henri again.

In fact they’d encouraged it.

Aiden and Hollandia had been oblivious to that too.

Eventually the guests managed to get inside the house and things settled down.

Artois congratulated Hollandia,

and she congratulated him.  Artois is now a blockbuster director.

Stella, by the way, is now a criminal mastermind, while Reefer’s dad, Guillaume is now a celebrity chef.

Stella, the criminal mastermind

Stella, the criminal mastermind

Just after this wedding, Lithia gave birth to a boy she called Andrejz.

Despite the fight the wedding party went off well.  Hollandia didn’t actually make it to her honeymoon – too many people in the way and she was running all over the place but missed the limo.  She doesn’t plan to start a family straight away.