Not to be outdone by her brother, Mairead Danaher proposed to her room-mate, Gordon Wolosenko.

No refusals here.

Mairead had forgiven her father enough to invite him to the small wedding in the apartment.

Also present was Mairead’s brother, Seamus, Aiden Reiner(?) and some lass but I can’t remember who – possibly Mairead’s cousin, Briony Langerak (Harriett’s youngest daughter), as well as Mairead’s mother, Siobhan.

Mairead became Mrs Wolosenko.

Siobhan looks on at her ex-husband

 Seamus warns his father not to make a scene with Siobhan.

It was Kane’s turn to study Siobhan but he said nothing and walked away.  Siobhan ignored him.

The wedding party went off reasonably well and both bride and groom made it to the limo.

While Kane was at the wedding his wife and son, Larissa (daughter of Malcolm Landgraab) and Larry, played with Kane’s train set.