Romania Tan had tried to get her fiance, Mitch Indie, to move in, but the most he would do was stay the night (but left at about 2am).  So I had to get Mitch to drop out of uni and move in.  He visited with his uni mates, Gerard Langerak and … the other guy (whose name eludes me for the present).

They all went inside and Romania introduced Mitch properly to her mother, Marla.  After her mother went inside, Mitch proposed.

Talk about romantic!  Didn’t even bother to dress for the occasion!  Mitch wants to reach the golden anniversary so here’s hoping.

So that’s 4 of Damien’s 5 daughters married off.  Amphyra is still at uni and Luka is about to move to uni.

Oh, as I was ‘heading inside’ the house, I spotted a local wolf barking from inside.

Pretty weird.  I was gonna take a video of it but I had to change the settings or something and couldn’t be bothered.