I’m very glad of this blog.  When I haven’t played a neighbourhood for a while it’s a good way of reminding me what happened (which is actually the main reason I started it – so I could keep up with everyone).

I did a couple of days of the Danahers (the previous post the result of visiting Seamus).  Kane is close to death but apparently he’s very friendly (read cheating) with Angel Heineken – hmm – when did that happen?  This could be interesting – I hope to visit Angel and see what happens before Kane carks it.

Jacques and Brianna Langerak, recently married, now have a baby – a girl they called Annette.

Jacques’ brother, Jean, wants 6 grandkids so Caitlyn is pregnant with their second child.

I haven’t found Gerard yet.  He was at university but I couldn’t find him there (Brett and Briony Langerak are there), nor could I find him in Veronaville bin or the houses (perhaps he’s in Bluewater?).  I’ll have to look more closely to see if he moved in with someone else.  (How quickly one forgets things when you don’t play them for a couple of months!)