One of Guillaume’s wants was to learn to make crepes suzette.  Well he did

and he was pretty proud of it.

As I fast forwarded their pretty boring lives, they did a lot of kissing and hugging, which was nice because the next day after Victoria got home from work (and had been promoted to web designer)…

Death paid a visit.  This surprised me as well as Victoria because come 6pm she and Guillaume turned 67 and looked to have heaps of time left.  But the minute she got out of the car pool from work – bang – all that time disappeared – pretty sneaky!

Guillaume was rather sad.

They’d been friends since childhood.

Schoolkid Victoria visiting Guillaume after school.

But he wasn’t going to let a mere death get him down for long.  The same night he invited his old girlfriend, Coral, over.

She stayed the night and left the following afternoon.

The old dog!