Alexis still lived alone in her little house by the sea in Bluewater.  She spent a lot of time online chatting.

and got fat as a result.

When I next visited her though she had become good friends with some guy by the name of Waylon Menon(?).  She finally got her first kiss.

(Naturally she wasn’t bothered by the death of her aunt Victoria.) 

She got Waylon to move in – she wanted company more than anything.  Their relationship blossomed.

Waylon proposes

Waylon proposes

I think they both need a visit to a clothing store.

I’ll have to get a cheat to allow more visitors before having a wedding party – Alexis will want a proper one.

I don’t think I’ll get her to breed though.

Alexis’ brother, Mikhail, has finished his freshman year, studying literature.  He has no girlfriends on the horizon.  He’s not a particularly good-looking Lillard heir so he’ll need to find a pretty wife-to-be.