Artois and Henri were enjoying a chat, watched by Reefer who still has some weird intense dislike for Henri.

Reefer later attacked Henri and it took a while before Henri could get him to leave.

Much of Artois’ house is still undecorated.  The room above is pretty much empty.

Henri’s life was perilously close to the end and he had a lot of friends.  So I cheated just a tad.  Artois needed just one more day to reach the top of his career, so I had Henri take some elixir…

Sure enough, the next day, Artois was promoted to Icon and earning over 5,000 Simoleans a day.

He deserved to be feeling pretty pleased with himself.  He achieved what his grandfather hadn’t lived long enough to.  Next stop – a clothing shop!  The wardrobes are empty!

Cheating wife, Angel, meanwhile, was stuck on the pool.

I thought she’d be stuck there all day and die slowly but she managed to find a way off the water…   Silly cow.  I had plans for her and got her to invite Kane Danaher round and then Artois could catch his old wife cheating.  But it seems Angel was angry with Kane because he’d been hugging his wife (duh) so she wouldn’t hug or kiss him or even flirt with him. 

Damn.  I’ll have to improve the relationship to try again.  An icon can’t have an old and adulterous wife after all.  He also has to prepare the way for his heir, Akanami, who is about to go to college.

Artois’ sister, Hollandia, is now pregnant.