Angel moved into an apartment across the road from Kane Danaher, in the hope of seeing more of him.

Unfortunately for her, Kane had no time left.

He was just 65.  (For some reason he picked up the overturned trash can outside and was bringing the trash inside when Death appeared.)

His wife, Larissa (née Landgraab) went loopy.

Son, Larry, was on the computer at the time and had seen the whole thing.  He was remarkably calm about it.

The next day Larry grew to a teen.  He has, unfortunately, inherited the ugly Landgraab genes.

So, life has fallen apart for Angel once again (you may remember, or not, that she had been married to a Collie and bore her husband 3 ugly children who all died tragically in a fire and/or drowning.)  What will she do now?  Sadly, I’m afraid she’s out of the picture and probably won’t be blogged about any further.  She waits for the end of her life (which may or may not be hastened by the Sim God aka me).