I didn’t have to get Angel to invite Kane round.  I was just about to get her to call him up when he walked in the door.  It appeared the relationship had healed because she wanted to flirt, hug and kiss, no problem.  Artois happened to be passing by to catch them in the act.

She got a bit of a slapping and a lecture.  (Henri, meanwhile, asked Kane to leave.)

Artois then gave her her marching orders.

He was unforgiving (even though he had cheated on his wife earlier on in their marriage – but purely to get a male heir!).

Angel had to accept the marriage was over.

She walked away…

Henri was upset that his son’s marriage was ended.

Cochonette, when she woke up, was equally upset and did the whole “argy bargy” crying thing.

Framboise, as far as I know, wasn’t upset in the slightest, but her relationship score with her mother was lower.

So ended the marriage of Artois and Angel.  Unfortunately there are no single attractive women to take her place.  All of Artois’ love interests are married women.