The quandary about how Artois would meet his potential new partner, Isobel, was resolved by him simply visiting her business.  The shop was full of women gathering around, nodding approval at the positive review displayed on the wall.  Isobel herself was busy restocking and didn’t have time to chat.  Artois’ attempts to get to know her failed.  He left the shop with a relationship score of -2.  Oh dear.

I went into Isobel’s apartment and got her to phone Artois a couple of times and the score went up to about 35.  On the third call I got her to invite him round.  He came round quite happily and they could then chat and flirt in peace. 

How did it go?  Stay tuned…

A similar quandary about how Artois is actually going to meet his son, Akanami (they lost touch) can be resolved similarly.  It’s my new strategy for getting potential mates to meet. 🙂

Meanwhile, there were developments at the house of Akanami and Celeste.

Celeste accepted Akanami’s proposal (she had wanted Akanami to propose to her).