As you know, Gerard Langerak was still ‘languishing’ in university, mucking about without having declared a major.  He had, though, made friends with two blazer-wearing students and so was a candidate for joining the secret society.   I had him move to the same dorm as Mikhail Lillard.

Another visit to the student centre revealed that one of his new dorm-mates was also a member, so he made his acquaintance and then headed home for some much needed sleep.

He was at the dorm the following night chatting up the same woman, when a black woman intervened and appeared to pick on him.  Before he knew it, he was whisked away in handcuffs…

and into a waiting limo.

He found himself arriving at a castle-like building, complete with moat.

(Bit dark, sorry!)  He was rather intimidated by all the blazer-wearing students coming out of the building.  What were they going to do?  To his surprise they started clapping and they gave him his own blazer to wear.  Lo-and-behold he’s a new member of the Volauvent Secret Society.

Gerard explored the building – it seemed pretty simple but it had some cool features.  He played a bit:

He tried out the awesome looking phone:

and promptly got told off by the Grim Reaper himself on the other end of the line for wasting his time as Gerard didn’t know anyone who’s dead and if he kept it up, the Grim Reaper would visit Gerard himself.  Gerard quickly put the phone down, sweating, and backed away.

He had a chat to a member in the corner of the building and asked what a strange machine was that he’d passed by.  The student took one look at Gerard and suggest he try it.  So Gerard went over and it said something about ‘face modulation’.  Hmm – a plastic surgery machine?  He was a bit hesitant as he’d heard about his maternal grandmother’s experience with such a machine and coming out extremely ugly.  However, he figured he had nothing to lose.

He was very pleased with the result.

Profile view

Profile view

Gone was the ugly jaw and protruding lips.  Awesome! 

Gerard loved this place and decided that maybe he will stay on at university instead of dropping out.

He went to a computer and actually registered a major – psychology.  He then discovered that the computers were able to hack into the grades, so he had a go.

Unfortunately, his hacking attempt was discovered and a campus cop came round to fine him and warn him not to do it again.  After the cop left, a student quietly suggested to Gerard that he get his logic skills up first.

On his way outside, Gerard noticed the barbecue area and since he was hungry he made a few hotdogs and then, to his dismay, discovered a new headstone beside the man-eating plant.  It was none other than his friend Miguel.  Now he knew someone who’d died he had another go at the phone and had Miguel resurrected.

Gerard had paid too much for Miguel to end up as a zombie which is probably a good thing.  Apparently Miguel has some defects though but Gerard is yet to find out what those might be.  In the meantime, it appeared he was now responsible for Miguel (that is, I am – dammit – I’d forgotten that) and Miguel had no skills and was starting anew as a freshman.  Bugger.  Gerard thought perhaps he won’t attempt to resurrect anyone else, should anyone else die that is.