Mikhail was impressed with what had happened to Gerard.  Initially he’d been worried about stories that Gerard had been kidnapped and he hadn’t returned after a couple of days. 

Gerard returns with Miguel

Gerard returns with Miguel

When he saw Gerard’s new face he was awed and wanted to join up so he could make a few changes himself.

He already knew Gerard and his friend, Miguel, so he only had one more secret society member to chat up.  He chose Sheila Bachman who he ended up flirting with.  But he’d also got to know a blazer-wearing student at the student centre just to be sure.

And sure enough he was handcuffed and taken away.

He got the same reception as Gerard – applause and a blazer for himself.  He got to know a few of the students over dinner.

Mikhail soon discovered that none of the students cleaned up after themselves so he found that he had to clear away the tables and clean and unclog the toilet.  He wasn’t particularly impressed.   He seemed to spend most of his time cleaning to avoid being continually pissed off about his environment.

Mikhail tried the Grim Reaper phone too but got the same reception as Gerard.  Apparently he didn’t know anyone who died (perhaps he was too young when his mother died or perhaps Death only counted friends at Academie le Tour, which makes sense – you couldn’t resurrect an adult at university). 

Mikhail was in his senior year now and attempted to hack his grades as all this cleaning up didn’t leave him much time to do course work.  His logic skills weren’t quite up to it though.

He did, however, finally achieve his first kiss with Sheila Bachman.  At first she refused

but he flirted with her a bit more after his class and was successful. 

Now with a platinum mood, he thought he’d try the face modulator…

The first attempt was a disaster.  He ended up with small eyes spaced far apart, large bags under his eyes and balloon cheeks.  His new ugly face horrified a couple of students looking on. 

In desperation he tried again, but now, of course, I didn’t have his old face to work from so he has a completely new face with no inherited features. 

This is unfortunate.  As heir to the Lillard fortune, ideally he should look a bit like one of his parents but now he looks a complete stranger. 

At any rate, Mikhail got tired of cleaning up after everyone.  He decided to spend his last semester and a half at the dorm.

In the next update Mikhail graduates and returns home.