Back at the dorm Mikhail had no success hacking his grades – the cop came over and gave him a lecture – so he just had to do the hard work himself.  It didn’t take much.  He graduated, had no party, and returned home to his stepmother, Robin, and stepsister, Elizabeth.  I imagine they didn’t recognise him.

Mikhail first went about finding a job.

You can see immediately by his hair and clothes, that he’s nothing like his father.  Mikhai is more conservative.  He got a job as a surveillance operator.

Elizabeth left for university so that just left Mikhail and Robin.  Mikhail visited his father’s grave.

He was upset and angry that his father died fairly young and that he wasn’t around to see his son graduate or get married.

He then invited Sheila Bachman over and asked her to move in.  She did.

No, she’s not the best looking Sim but Mikhail liked her and I couldn’t be bothered searching for an alternative.  Any kids they have might look a bit like what Mikhail is supposed to look like (because of Sheila’s big lips).

For some bizarre reason, Robin took an instant dislike to her.

Robin seemed to start the fights.

Well, that was it.  Robin had to go.  Mikhail had a word with her and she wisely chose to move out.

Robin moved to some newly built apartments in Bluewater.

To Mikhail’s surprise, Sheila suddenly proposed to him.

Mikhail accepted and they decided to have the wedding the very next day.  It was another evening wedding.  Despite the new cheat there was still a limit of two guests so I invited another person – there was no time to invite more.

Mikhail’s sister, Alexis was not invited – they seem to have lost touch – she wasn’t even on his list of contacts.  Elizabeth was in limbo land at university so she couldn’t come and Robin, naturally, was not invited either.  That left university students Gerard and Miguel.  The extra guy above is the maid I think.

Akanami turned up during the ceremony.

After the wedding ceremony the couple discussed a few things (including, perhaps, Robin moving out).

So begins the life of the new Lillard patriarch.