Well, I’d had enough of university for a while (there’s another update coming) so I headed back to Veronaville to check out the Artois/Isobel happenings.

Isobel and Artois did get on well (sigh of relief there)


and although Isobel invited Artois to stay the night there was no room for a double bed in her small apartment

so Artois spent most of the night on the computer while Isobel slept.


Isobel is now a Junior Executive and hasn’t been back to her business lately.  I could’ve sworn her LTW had something to do with business but her LTW seems to have changed to Chief of Staff (how tedious).

Anyway, it was Artois’ turn to invite Isobel round and introduce her to his father, Henri.

In the meantime, Angel was hanging around, stealing newspapers,

and inviting herself inside.  Henri didn’t seem to mind.

Artois told her to piss off.

Artois and Isobel could have a bit of time together in peace.

I think Artois asked Isobel to move in around this time.  She did, with belongings and 9,000 simoleons.

Henri seemed to take a dislike to Isobel at one stage

Isobel was none too pleased.

But after that they were laughing away.  Weird.

(Maybe because Artois appeared.)

But, alas, Henri’s time had finally come. 

Artois was too upset to notice that the girls were growing to teenagers at the same time.

I forgot to check his age but I think Henri had just turned 77 or 78.

The girls’ birthdays went by virtually unnoticed.

Cochonette looks on at the butler

Cochonette looks on at the butler



No engagement for Artois and Isobel yet but a wedding is on the horizon, just as soon as I get a proper cheat that allows more than 2 guests!