Two new students turned up at Gerard’s dorm:

Elizabeth Lillard

Elizabeth Lillard

Luka DeMarr

Luka DeMarr

Luka naturally wanted to stand out from the crowd.  He has aspirations of becoming a werewolf.  (I’m not sure why he’s got a jaw thing happening – neither of his parents do.)

Gerard quite fancied Mikhail’s half-sister,

and Luka got to meet up with his girlfriend, Ginger Newson, who was finally free of screaming toddlers.

(Here’s an earlier pic of Luka and Ginger when they were teenagers.  Ginger’s brother seems to fancy Celine Landgraab.)

Their relationships developed.

Luka had a high logic skill, so he was keen to get into the secret society to hack his grades.  He got to know Miguel, Gerard and another couple of students.  A limo turned up and a student started doing a chicken dance in front of Luka one night.  This baffled him.

But then the guy turned him around and put the handcuffs on.  And so Luka became another Volauvent Society member.

Finally, Luka could hack his grades.

He abled to stay online long enough to bring his grades up and not have to do any study.  I imagine he’ll continue to do so.