Henri died just minutes before his new grandchild was born.  Hollandia gave birth to a girl in the bedroom while Aiden was in the other room on the computer.  She went through to show him.

He was obviously too busy.

It’s almost as if he’s complaining that Hollandia is distracting him from his game (when it’s just that she’s in the way so he can’t get up).

Never mind, Hollandia gave up trying to show him.  But wait!  There’s more!  She then proceeded to have baby number 2 – yes it was twins.

Another girl.  She named them Bex and Tui.

Eventually Aiden seemed to realise Hollandia had given birth.



He’s bright isn’t he.  Unfortunately his computer had to be moved to make room for two cots and changing table.

More babies in Veronaville – Demonica gave birth to her second child. 

Gypsy looks at her new baby sister while the nanny ignores both.

Gypsy looks at her new baby sister while the nanny ignores both.

It was another girl she called Babik.  Gypsy grew to school age shortly after.

And over at Damien’s other daughter, Ebony’s place – she also gave birth – to yet another girl.  Seamus called her Ciara.  Now Seamus and Ebony had no room in their tiny apartment so they moved to Seamus’ uncle Richard’s place.  Richard Danaher is still going strong, alone and forgotten but once he carks it Seamus will take over the house and Richard’s 200,000 simoleons.