I got Artois to meet his son by having him buy a small business and then Akanami went to the shop.

They chatted so at least they’re acquainted – but nothing more.

Unfortunately anyone entering the shop had nothing to browse as it was empty.  Artois sold the business immediately after.

Artois’ father’s cousin, Guillaume, meanwhile, was trying to give away some of his possessions prior to his death.  He called his sons and his daughters-in-law but no-one was willing to visit him.  Only his recently deceased cousin’s son, Artois, was happy to come over and visit him.  Guillaume gave him a gift of a few items.

No love lost between Guillaume and his sons then. 

I discovered a possible reason for Reefer’s animosity towards Henri.  Looking back over some pictures I found this:

Both Reefer’s father and Henri were lusting after his wife, Callista.  Henri was totally unaware that Reefer was right behind him. 

Over at Emma’s, Artois’ other son, Yves, had grown to a teenager.

Sadly his pixy features are still in evidence.

Uncle Antoine wont get out of the way!

Uncle Antoine won't get out of the way!