Finally, and it seemed to take a long time, Gerard worked through his final semester, mostly hacking his grades.

I was so busy ensuring that Gerard didn’t get caught doing so, that I totally missed what was happening to Elizabeth.  Suddenly the dorm view went away and we were heading to the secret society.  I had been totally unaware that Elizabeth had just been abducted!

Talk about effortless – I hadn’t even tried to get her to join!

During his last semester, Gerard proposed.

Elizabeth accepted although it was evident it was something she hadn’t wanted.

Will she stay faithful to Gerard after he’s left university?

The time had come.  Gerard threw a graduation party and, as always, only two guests allowed so Gerard invited his mother and his brother, Jacques.

Gerard used to be uglier than Jacques.  Now Jacques is the ugliest of the three brothers.

Gerard said his farewells to Elizabeth,

and headed home to Veronaville.  He moved back in with his parents, who are now in their 70s.  He found a job as a gumshoe, which surprised me because I thought I’d got him to do a degree which matched his LTW.  Perhaps I didn’t.  What a waste.  Oh well.