Larry, you may remember, was the son of Larissa Landgraab and Kane Danaher.  He had inherited the Landgraab features.

The spotty teenager was surplus to the Sim God’s requirements, so he had to go.  Besides which, the boy was so stupid that he had been close to starvation on two previous occasions, too lazy to go to the full fridge in the kitchen.  So it seemed an appropriate way for the idiot to die.

Larissa was naturally upset.

Unfortunately for Larissa, she also suffered from the absence of a fridge and died soon after.  (She was miserable anyway so it seemed kinder to put her out of it.)

While on the subject of Danaher deaths, Siobhan Jacquet, formerly Siobhan Danaher, passed away age 65,

but not before seeing the birth of a new granddaughter – Oksana Wolosenko.

Mairead regards her new daughter