Artois’ mansion, that is.

Cochonette tried her makeover skills on a visiting townie.

He didn’t seem to mind the new look.

Isobel’s sister, Celeste, visited.

Isobel shared the hassles of pregnancy, and then the labour pains started…

"What do I do?" asks Isobel. "I don't know" shrugs Celeste.

They all stand by helplessly.

A boy was born. 

Isobel named him Olivier.

He has her eyes.

The butler was fired.  All he ever did was cook and the food went rotten on the table.  Isobel and the girls tried to put most of it in the fridge as leftovers (and the fridge is chocka).  Artois employed a maid and gardener.  The girls were quite impressed with the new maid.

The girls helped out with the baby but then they both left to attend Academie le Tour.

Artois finally asked Isobel to marry him.

She accepted.  They plan a wedding at a park in Bluewater village.

Artois’ son by Emma, Yves, also left home to go to Academie le Tour.

Artois’ daughter, Arianne, over at Lithia and Peyote’s place, grew to a teenager.