A Sim god only needs to turn her back for a minute, trusting that Sims will be able to get on with the basics for a little while, and tragedy strikes!  I left Demonica Ebadi and her family to get on with dinner, etc.  Everyone seemed to be in the green zone, so I thought they’d be ok, but no.  When I returned, someone had set fire to the kitchen and toddler, Babik, was outside, safe but hungry and tired.  Unfortunately there was no fire alarm/smoke detector so I tried, in vain, to get one of them to run to the phone and ring emergency.  Vasyl looked like he might make it..

Jean Langerak looks on in horror and helplessness as Demonica burns to death.

Gypsy stupidly runs into the kitchen but she didn’t get too close.  Vasyl meanwhile…

continues to burn in front of the phone so he can’t use it and no-one else can.  Oh dear.  He perished.

Gypsy and Babik were now orphans and, of course, were taken away by the social worker.

Their grandmother Marla decided to adopt them.  Romania meanwhile had had her baby, a boy, and hearing of the tragedy, named him Vasyl after her deceased brother-in-law.

The adoption process was frought with difficulties.  Instead of Gypsy turning up, one of the black twins of the Collins family (who hadn’t done their homework and had been taken away) turned up.  Romania took the child back to Crystal Collins before she was taken away again along with her own son.  The next day, of course, the other twin turned up.  Romania returned her to Crystal. 

Finally, the day after, Gypsy turned up.  Baby Vasyl, meanwhile, had grown to a toddler.

The adoption option didn’t appear again when Marla tried to phone (and I didn’t remember phoning up again) so I got a stray vampire to adopt Babik.  She was then going to drop her off at Marla’s house. 

Unfortunately, when she got there, another toddler by the name of Grant, turned up.  Oops.  What a mess. 

The vampire took Babik home with her and sacrificed herself in the sun so Babik, orphaned yet again, was taken away.  Romania then dumped Grant at Antoinette Champignon’s apartment and headed back home. 

Finally, Babik turned up the next day!  Phew!  It took four, nearly five Sim days to sort it all out.