At the DeMarr residence, Damien went loopy over the death of his eldest daughter, Demonica.


Amphyra invited boyfriend, Gavin Newson, round and they woohooed, but the woohoo glitch had struck again…

Amphyra woohooed after Gavin had finished.

Gavin dropped out of uni and moved into a small house near the DeMarr residence.  He wanted to marry a rich Sim.  He invited Amphyra round and proposed marriage to her there and then.

She moved in with only 14,900 Simoleans.  He would have been disappointed.  Serena was not impressed.  She thought Amphyra could have done better than a penniless orphan who wasn’t even good-looking.

Amphyra’s brother, Luka, also dropped out and headed home.  He invited his girlfriend, Ginger Newson, over and asked her to move in.  I think she brought exactly 1 simoleon with her. 

She raided the wardrobe for a gown and did her hair differently.   Luka then introduced her to his parents.

Serena approved of her.

With his parents’ blessing, Luka then proposed.