Artois organised for friends (well, two people) to meet him at the Parc d’amour in Bluewater village for his wedding to Isobel.  Unfortunately only Reefer Champignon turned up.  The woman is some random passer-by.

It was winter, so the trees were leafless.

Reefer congratulated them both when they’d disentangled themselves.

A bit of wedding cake…

and a dance…

and they headed home.

While in the neighbourhood view I activated the guest cheat and Artois threw a party.  Finally, more than two people showed up.

From left: Isobel, Celeste, Artois, Akanami, Reefer, Guillaume, Monique

A pregnant Hollandia was there too

A pregnant Hollandia was there too

The party was a success.

Akanami and Celeste even got some time alone.