Yves Champignon headed over to Academie le Tour.  The pointy ears disappeared as he changed into a university student.  All good.  But he’s still not particularly desirable.

That’s Ginger on the left before she dropped out and moved in with the DeMarrs.

Yves almost immediately fell in love with Crystal Brown, daughter of Malcolm Landgraab’s second wife.

Artois’ eldest son, Akanami, graduated with a degree in Literature.  He wants to become a rock god.

He threw a graduation party and invited family and friends.

Artois looks on at 4 of his 6 kids

Artois looks on at 4 of his 6 kids

That’s Arianne on the left.

Akanami grew to an adult after the party.

Artois’ youngest son, baby Olivier, grew to a toddler.