Antoine Champignon proposed to his girlfriend, Noelle Dennis.

She accepted.

I’d forgotten to do the guest cheat, but Akanami was visiting so Antoine invited his nephew, Yves, and his twin sister, Antoinette.  Emma was there already.

The bride wore black.  (Actually it was Emma’s grandmother’s gown.)



They dined inside.

The party was a success.

Honeymoon time
Honeymoon time

Antoinette, meanwhile, had had little success in finding a potential partner or boyfriend.  Two blind dates were a disaster.

She gave up on men and marriage.  However, she had not forgotten the toddler, Grant, who Marla Tan had dumped on Antoinette’s doorstep when trying to adopt her orphan grandchildren.  Antoinette decided to adopt Grant.
She moved out of the one-bedroom apartment and into the small house just round the corner from Guillaume’s old house.  She needed the room, but also Seamus Danaher was hanging around her apartment vomiting in her toilet and refusing to leave!
Grant learned to walk on his first day in the new house.