Monique Langerak (Artois’ aunt) was finally promoted to Business Tycoon.

Her husband, Greg, already at the top of his career was perhaps just celebrating the fact that they’d both reached 75,

cos no-one was home to greet him.

Gerard, seen here cuddling under the stars with his fiancée, Elizabeth Lillard,

finally set a date for the wedding.  They too decided to have it at the Parc d’amour in Bluewater village.

Cake sharing

Cake sharing

Sim god makes note that more romantic seating should be arranged in the park.

For some reason Gerard and his father fought.

This parent-child fighting only seems to happen when the child lives at home with their fiancée/wife.  Must be jealousy or something.

Gerard, therefore, decided to move out.

With a bit of motherloding they managed to move into Monique’s place of birth, formally Jean-Philippe’s place of residence.  Heidi’s grave was still there so it was moved to Seaview Cemetery in Bluewater village.

The late Harriett and Luc Langerak’s youngest daughter, Briony, lived in apartments next door to her twin brother, Brett.  She was good friends with an evil witch and asked to learn the ways of darkness.  She became a witch.

Apparently this was a bad memory for her.  Tough.  The Sim god hadn’t made a witch before.

Briony started learning stuff.

Her mentor helped her out.

Briony had similar problems with ex-residents hanging around – in this case Antoinette and toddler, Grant, so she moved out too and bought herself a little cottage.

Perhaps she should have built a basement for the potion-making.  Briony successfully cast a spell on a visiting neighbour, making her cluck like a chicken, much to the amusement of Artois who was there at the same time.