Emma was getting close to the end so Antoine thought he was being pretty clever sucking away some of Emma’s skills with his special vacuum cleaner.

(I think I deleted the wrong pic – the better one.)

Unfortunately it didn’t seem to make much difference.

Emma died that night, aged just 67.

Ironically she looked younger with grey hair and no makeup than she did with coloured hair and makeup.

Antoine mourned for her anyway.

The greatest tragedy is that she took all nine friendships with her.  Antoine has no friends so he has a long hard road to get his next promotion.

At Reefer’s, his son, Spliff, grew to teenhood.

Not sure if I mentioned the birth of their second child, a girl called Mary Jane.  Here she as a toddler.

She’s a day away from being school age.

Nothing happening at Peyote’s.  Arianne headed off to uni.