Yves and fiancée, Chrystal, moved into the house that was Henri’s.  Stella was still living there, 62, still single, but at the top of her criminal career.  Stella moved out and into the house that belonged to François and Katya Champignon.  Katya’s grave was still there so Stella had it moved to the cemetery at Bluewater.  I’m planning to move all the Champignon graves to the cemetery.  (There are 5 ghosts at Antoine’s place and it makes the gameplay a bit slow.)

Chrystal, meanwhile, wanted to open a beauty salon and gave Yves a free makeover.  The result was a disaster.

Unfortunately I can’t change it and they’re wanting to get married.  Hopefully Chrystal’s skills will improve so that she can do another proper one.  Otherwise he’s stuck like that forever.  Chrystal had her beauty salon built on the property and opened for business.  With difficulty she managed to earn 40 simoleans from one customer (the bastards kept walking away).