Ok, so, another round of updates starting with the Lillard family.

John Lillard, son of Mikhail and Sheila, wanted desperately to play with the robot his dad made specially.

Unfortunately the robot was a dud and only made John cry.

John learned to walk and go to the potty and learned to talk too I think (can’t recall).  Anyway he grew up well.

He’s blond – must be a throwback on his mother’s side…

His mother, meanwhile, did a spot of flirting with an ugly colleague while Mikhail was at work.

No accounting for taste…

John’s cousin, the unfortunate Lex, got no attention whatsoever.

Interestingly his mother’s relationship with him was in the red zone – she was “furious” with him apparently.  Probably because of his whining but what could she expect?

You can see his cot was in the bathroom.  Devoid of any toys at all, there was only one thing to do…

So naturally Lex grew up pretty badly.

He was naturally prone to tantrums.

His mother encouraged him to be grouchy and his father encouraged him to be lazy.  Great parents.

Mikhail’s and Alexis’ half-sister, Elizabeth, was heavily pregnant to Gerard and had a baby – a girl she called Michelle.

But then she had another – a boy she called Robert.

We weren’t expecting twins!