Hollandia noticed that the garden was getting too overgrown and hired a gardener.  Too late though, for a storm hit and lightning struck trees in the corner of the propery and spread rapidly through the weeds.  Hollandia, like a fool, ran towards the fire.

Naturally she got too close and caught fire herself.  I tried to get her to run to the phone before she did so.

Toddler, Mac, came out to cry for his mother.

Luckily he went inside again before Hollandia got too close.  But she didn’t make it.

She perished while the fire kept burning.

The gardener also caught fire.

In the meantime the clock had struck three and the twin girls had returned home.  Bex immediately ran out the back…

and straight into the fire.

Reefer watched in horror as she burned.

Tui and Mac were in danger of being taken away by the social worker as Aiden hadn’t got home from work yet. 

Luck held out though, perhaps because of the other adults around.  Aiden got home and immediately called the fire brigade.  Tui had wisely stayed inside the house.

Once the fire was put out, realisation hit Aiden.

Aiden was devastated.  He was now a widower with two children remaining.

I got Hollandia’s half-sister, Stella, to move in with her thousands to help out financially and with the kids.