Brett, you may remember, is the twin brother of Briony, who are siblings of Caitlyn (now deceased) and Brianna.

Brett, unfortunately, has the Langerak features – big nose and lips.

He lived in an apartment by himself after dropping out of uni. Briony is working towards becoming an evil witch.

While at the apartment, Brett met Antoinette. Antoinette has two adopted children – Grant, and Edwin Sharpe’s daughter, Edwina. Edwin and his wife (granddaughter of Daniel Collie) were killed off by the Sim god some time ago.

Their relationship bloomed and Brett proposed.

Antoinette lived in the house previously occupied by Ben Collie and family (see old blog).  Brett moved in with her.

They had a small wedding (forgot the guest cheat again) with Antoinette inviting her brother, Antoine, and Yves Champignon.

Yves looked on with Grant and the nanny.

but Antoine was busy inside the house…

Antoinette is now pregnant with her very own child.