spread through Veronaville as numerous Sims died mysteriously.

Yes, the Sim god got rid of some boring Sims in one foul swoop creating terror amongst the families.  The list of dead include the following:

Mairead Wolosenko (nee Danaher) and her husband Gordon starved to death, and by some freak mischance, their daughter Oksana became a vampire and died in the sun.

Jasmine Cameron and her lesbian partner.  Their adopted daughter, Brook, was taken away by the social worker.

Jean, Caitlyn and Marc Langerak.  The parents were attacked by flies and the boy drowned in the family pool.

Angel Heineken, ex-wife of Artois, died a little earlier than she would have, aged 72.

Sativa Champignon and her mother, Gwen, died suddenly at home.

The headstones of the deaths in apartments were sent to a restaurant, for some bizarre reason.

The Sim god nearly did away with Jacques and Brianna Langerak but their daughter, Annette, was cute, so they were permitted to survive for her sake.

The nose is evident though.  Here she is with Alexis’ neglected son, Lex.

A future romance, perhaps?

So,  now some of the superfluous Sims are done away with, the Sims god will continue with the rest of them (until the next cull…)