Well, not a lot for the actual vampires in the DeMarr family.  Their kids are breeding but no DeMarr grandson for Damien yet.  Serena seems rather bored with life – she cries a lot.  Actually the silly cow wants a daytime job and she can’t have one as a vampire unless she wants to melt away in the sun.  Her time will come.  Their oldest child, Lithia, is now an elder.

Luka and wife, Ginger Newson, had a baby girl which was named Erike.  She grew into a cute toddler.  [Can I just say at this point that toddlers in Sims 3 are anything but cute.]

Erike and her vampire granny

Erike and her vampire granny

Damien teaching his granddaughter 

Damien teaching his granddaughter.

Ginger is pregnant again.

Damien thought he was doing people a favour by bringing Hollandia back from the dead (after all everyone was shocked by her fiery end and missed her).  But he was a bit mean with the dosh and this is what he got:

The zombie will make an acceptable babysitter.

Youngest daughter, Amphyra, is not having much luck on the boyfriend front.  After her husband, Gavin Newson, died, she moved into an apartment and had set her eyes on Gavin’s little brother, Garrett, who was way better looking.  He was still attending university when she popped the question.

Garrett accepted, but for some reason, students at uni don’t want to move in (the option doesn’t appear lately).

So over to Academie le Tour and, oh dear, he’s already in a relationship with Arianne Champignon.  Oops, I’d forgotten (unless it happened behind my back).

In the meantime, Amphyra moved out of the apartment and into Helen and Daniel Collie’s old house.  Her headstone was still there so that was moved away pretty quickly.  Gerard Langerak visited her there and there’s attraction there as well…

Amphyra visited Garrett at the uni one day but Arianne spotted them kissing and got very angry with Garrett.  She wouldn’t talk to him for days.

Garrett dropped out of uni and moved in with Amphyra (so they could break off the engagement).  Arianne also dropped out and visited Garrett.  Then the sparks (or fists) flew.

Garrett moved out and into the house left vacant by the lesbians’ death.  Arianne had already moved in there.  It took some time before Arianne would shower kisses on Garrett.

Finally she was ready to accept a proposal.  Arianne and Garrett are now engaged.

Amphyra is pregnant.