Gerard Langerak’s wife, Elizabeth (nee Lillard) had given birth to twins – a boy and girl named Michelle and Robert.  They weren’t the prettiest kids around – in fact Robert was damned ugly.  I decided at one point that I didn’t want them and neglected them, knowing they’d be picked up by the social worker.  But that didn’t stop me trying to kill them off by drowning or burning (I mean, who wants to adopt an ugly kid?). 

I was playing around with boolprop testingcheats enabled and discovered that a vampire could be made with a click of a button.  I made Elizabeth turn Robert into a vampire – no outward changes except perhaps a bit of smoking in the sun outside.  The social worker came anyway and took them away.  Just out of spite I turned her into a vampire as well.  Her skin went grey but that was it.

Later I felt sorry for the weeping couple.  They’d have to try for another baby.  Then I thought I may as well get the toddlers back and got Gerard’s brother, Jacques, to adopt them.

Michelle was the first baby delivered (by the vampire social worker and the sun didn’t affect her dammit) and Brianna dropped her off at Gerard’s house then went home again.  Michelle actually looks a bit like her grandmother, Monique, anyway.

The next day it was Robert’s turn.

He was still smoking.  I’d actually forgotten that I’d turned one of the kids into a vampire.  He had special powers, it seemed.

The social worker seems under his spell.

I thought I’d got a close enough shots in these pics but alas no, sorry, so you can’t see how ugly he is (eyes too close together and weird cheeks).

Little Robert’s stats were going down fast in the sun, so Brianna went off to bring him some milk and he went wandering.

The social worker returned to the car and headed off.  Robert, meanwhile…

was starving

The social worker was alerted and her car arrived.  Oh well, I thought.  It was worth the attempt.

But both the social worker and Brianna were too late to save him.

He became a pile of ashes.

Wow, I actually killed off a Sim toddler!

Brianna then swept up the ashes, put them in the rubbish and continued on with her life.

If I’d thought about it, I would have taken video, but I didn’t because I never do take videos.  Damn.  It’s an experiment worth repeating.