Ginger had another baby.

Unfortunately it was another girl and was named Sorrow.  That’s Elizabeth Langerak (nee Lillard) looking on.

As predicted, Hollandia came in handy as a resident nanny.

Wondering what happened to her brain perhaps? 

Unfortunately she takes a while to drag herself around so she’s fine if it’s not urgent.

Eventually Erike grew to school age and baby Sorrow grew to toddlerhood.

Sorrow didn’t get a great deal of attention from the parents or grandparents, her being another girl.  (There’s been a spate of girls lately – Amphyra had a girl, called Phoenix, and Ebony now has three girls.)

Erike is on the right with granny before growing up.  I don’t think I took a pic of her after her birthday.

Sadly, Serena was becoming increasingly nuts.  Others would put Erike in the cot and Serena would come along and take her out, even though Erike was really tired.  Damien would put her back, Serena would take her out.  This happened a few times.  Both grandparents seemed obsessed with the girl.

So I made Serena go out and have a swim in the pool that nobody uses.

Unfortunately she lost track of time and the sun came up.  She went upstairs, but instead of heading to her coffin, she headed (naturally) to Erike’s cot (again).  Her time was up.

You probably can’t see the very faint image of Serena fading away to nothing.

Damien, who had sensibly been in his coffin, got out to mourn.  He was devastated.

I kept trying to get him to go back in his coffin but he was too upset to stay there.

His stats went down and if he’s not careful he’ll be joining Serena.  But he has to wait until a DeMarr grandson is born (with any luck).  What’s the bet it’ll be another granddaughter?  After all, Damien had 5 girls before Luka was born.