Stella, living at Hollandia’s former place (when she wasn’t a zombie), died age 75.

Hollandia’s son, Mac, had grown quite fond of her so he grieved.

He grew to a teenager and still grieved.

His big sister, Tui, had already left for university.  Aiden, of course, didn’t give a damn.

Antoine and his wife’s son, Christophe, grew to toddlerhood (he’s now school age as well).

Earlier, Antoine had got rid of all graves on the property.  The ghosts were slowing time.  The ‘crypt’ would now become a workshop.

Antoine and his family will also probably not be blogged about in future.

Meanwhile, Antoine’s twin sister, Antoinette, had given birth to her own child with her adopted children looking on.

In the background Edwina and Grant.  Grant is now a teenager.  The new baby, a boy, was named Luke after Brett’s father.

The house was too small for three kids so they built upstairs.