Amphyra had gotten herself pregnant to Garrett before he moved out and married Arianne.  She had a girl called Phoenix.  She didn’t seem too bothered about it.

But Phoenix made it to toddlerhood ok.

Phoenix is now school age.

Romania’s son, Vasyl, and Demonica’s younger daughter, Babik, grew to teenagers.

Gypsy is at university.

Not good news at Ebony and Seamus’ place.  Their third daughter, Mala, appeared to be a vampire.

(Yes alright, the Sim god made her a vampire when she was born cos I was annoyed at getting a third girl.)


Amazingly she made it to school age.

Unfortunately this means she’s close to death after every school day.  She may not survive long.

Ebony went on to have a fourth daughter.   I think I named her Begorrah, surprised at yet another girl.  Ebony is pregnant again (probably with a fifth girl), so the loss of one daughter, if Mala dies, won’t mean much.

Finally, over at Damien’s, Ginger gave birth to her third child.

Luckily for all it was a boy.  His name is Drako.