Artois’ twin daughters, Cochonette and Framboise lived downtown.  Cochonette married a townie, George Landry.  Framboise continued living in the house with them, which came in handy when Cochonette gave birth to twin boys, Bob and Jack.

Artois and Isobel visited them.

While there the twins had their birthday.

Yeah….  You can see by this time Isobel had become an elder.

Framboise and Bob

Framboise and Bob

Cochonette and Jack
Cochonette and Jack

Artois now has seven grandchildren – three girls and four boys.  Framboise  had not yet found a boyfriend.

The small house they were in was too small for five so they moved house, still in downtown.


It appeared that Framboise was very friendly with Seamus Danaher and invited him round that evening.

She had her very first kiss.  (I couldn’t get closer because of obstructions..)

Framboise didn’t stop at kissing.


Framboise is now pregnant with Seamus’ child – perhaps the much-wanted boy for Seamus.  What will happen now?

Stay tuned.

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