Celeste and Artois got on rather well. (Celeste was pregnant with number two here.)

They flirted a fair bit and unfortunately Celeste fell in love with Artois.  So when she caught him in bed with his wife, her sister, she wasn’t too pleased.

Celeste gave birth to a boy.  He was named Jean-Pierre after his great great grandfather Jean-Philippe and Artois’ great uncle Pierre.  Artois played with him only to get spewed on.

Artois’ youngest son, Olivier, grew to a teenager

and Akanami and Celeste’s daughter, Celestine, grew to school age.

She’s kinda funny-lookin’.

Everyone seemed to get on well.

Jean-Pierre quickly grew to a toddler.

Homework was done.

And after a lot of time keeping and making friends, Akanami finally got promoted to Rock God.