Alexis, as we know, is not a good mother.

Weylon isn’t much better but he made sure their second son, Wayne, at least got fed.

Wayne had to sleep wherever.

Lex grew to teenhood and read Wayne stories and took care of him.

Lex hasn’t been doing his homework so he won’t be going to university any time soon.   Wayne grew up so he no longer had to rely on parents for keeping him clean or fed.

Weylon is now president of a company.  They had enough money to move into the house next door (which belonged to Kane Danaher).  Lex and Wayne now have a bedroom each (and a train set in the basement!). 

Meanwhile, scandal at Mikhail’s place.  Mikhail became extremely suspicious when Sheila became pregnant because they hadn’t been woohooing lately.  The resultant baby, Gerald, had red hair but that didn’t mean much…

because Sheila was into red-headed men.  Yes, she’d been cheating and Mikhail found the telltale roses, etc.  He forced her out of the house and she and the sprog have been relegated to the bin.

Mikhail had an affair with Brianna Langerak and actually invited her to live with him.  After she did though, he discovered she was a day away from elderhood and he was still pretty young.  Brianna moved back in with husband, Jacques.