Annette Langerak starved along with a resident Sim in a campus apartment.  The cute girl who saved her parents from the latest cull had grown into another ugly Sim with big lips and big nose.  No point breeding from her.  The Sim god has better things to do with time than waste it on her.

Gypsy Tan (eldest daughter of the deceased Demonica and Vasyl Ebadi then adopted by her grandmother) was taking a shine to secret club member, Jihoon Cox.

She rather fancied him (although the picture doesn’t show any attraction), but he didn’t want to reveal his attraction to her.  It was rather slow going.  So she turned her attentions on Tucker Miguel (who Gerard Langerak had brought back to life in the secret mansion).

Jihoon had missed his chance (as well as getting stuck in the table).

I eventually had to free him.

Andrejz Champignon, meanwhile, had moved into the dorm and met his aunt Amphyra in undies.

He didn’t like to ask.  (It was probably from when she was visiting Garrett.)

He and Tui Reiner (daughter of Hollandia) hit it off and they both had their first kiss.

They’re related through their great great grandfather (Raoul Champignon), but that didn’t stop them.

Andrejz eventually popped the question.

Tui accepted.

Andrejz and Tui dropped out and moved into an apartment in Veronaville.

Tucker and Gypsy also dropped out and moved into apartments opposite Andrejz and Tui.  They are also engaged.

The weddings may be held in the Bluewater park.