Gypsy and Tucker headed over to Parc d’amour for their wedding.  Gypsy’s aunt, Romania, was the only guest.  Gypsy’s sister and cousin had left home for Academie le Tour.

However, a black woman turned up.  Perhaps she was Tucker’s aunt.

The aunties had a chat while the married couple had some cake.

Tucker took a break but then headed back later to dance with his new wife.

The aunties didn’t get on too well.

That didn’t worry the happy couple.

The other wedding was for Gypsy and Tucker Miguel’s neighbours across the road – Andrejz and Tui.  The following evening they headed over to the park for their wedding.

Only Andrejz’s dad, Peyote, turned up.

The traditional cake sharing…

and wedding dance.

Tui is now pregnant.  The apartment was deemed too small for children so they moved in with Andrejz’s parents.