Gerard and Elizabeth’s twins grew up.

Older daughter, Michelle, almost immediately attacked Brew, the girl.

Luckily the animosity didn’t last long because Michelle grew to a teenager the next day.

After that Michelle didn’t care about Brew.

Brett Langerak’s step-daughter, Edwina, also grew to a teenager.

She started going steady with Lex Menon, Alexis’ son.

Alexis and Weylon, you may remember (or not) were terrible parents.  Little Wayne didn’t even have a cot to sleep in and he and Lex had to take turns in sleeping in the only bed.  Lex couldn’t go to university because he didn’t do his homework because he was busy looking after Wayne and doing his homework so he wouldn’t be taken away.  Higher authorities decided to punish such terrible parents (and Alexis had a history of cruelty to toddlers).  They were sent to a penitentiary which was built on a dark corner at the bottom of a hill in Downtown.

They’re locked in, apart, in solitary confinement with no entertainment.  Let’s see how long it takes before they go mad.