I’ll be back updating this blog soon as I’m back to playing Veronaville but I wanted to put up a poll first.  I was hoping I could do this on the sidebar but it appears not so here it is.

What families should I concentrate on?  As it is now taking several days to play each family in Veronaville and the attached Bluewater Village (not to mention a family in Downtown and the attached university campus), I’m wanting to blog only about a select few.  Should I blog about:

Champignon?  The families concerned are Artois and his brood of six adult children, the older ones ageing already; Antoine and his son Christophe; Peyote and his family; Spliff and his family.  There are a lot of female babies being born so the name will die off for some branches.

De Marr? The family of vampire, Damien de Marr, whose son, Luka has 3 kids, one of them a boy.

Lillard? Mikhail and his son, John. 

The Langeraks are of no interest to me, nor are the remainder of the Danaher family.  Whichever family I choose, some of the extended family may be mentioned.  The Collie surname has died out and are intermarried with the above anyway.

Post your vote in the comments.


Back soon.