You may remember that Mikhail kicked out his wife because she’d had an affair which resulted in the birth of a boy she named Gerald.  Well she and her son lived in a small apartment in Veronaville.  Unfortunately she got locked in a room and starved to death.

The little boy, a toddler, was all alone.

The social worker soon came and picked him up.

Mikhail was happy.  This illegitimate kid would no longer have the Lillard surname.

Mikhail’s son, John, was at university with Olivier (as per the previous post).  John got his first kiss with girlfriend, Caryl, after he’d moved into the flash house on campus.

She moved in.

Caryl had, mysteriously, acquired the skill of hacking (which she tried unsuccessfully).

John fell in love and proposed.

She accepted.

John studied psychology and Caryl was studying biology.  John graduated before her and moved back home.  Caryl still has another year to complete.  Olivier’s cousin, Celestine, has just started at university and moved in.

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