First a pic of Artois’ grandson, Louis, who although a toddler here is now school age.

Artois’ youngest child, Olivier, headed out to university and ended up in the same dorm as Vasyl Indie and John Lillard.

Olivier and John had heard about a very cool house on campus.  The rent was around 26,000 Simoleons.  Olivier and John had rich parents so they got their dads to fork out. 

John and Olivier managed to persuade their girlfriends to move in.   Vasyl, meanwhile, had met a potential marriage partner and headed home with her.  Olivier’s girlfriend, Veronique, had actually proposed to him at the dorm.

She knew she was onto a good thing with a rich future father-in-law and a rock god as a future brother-in-law.

The pic below of the flatmates jamming (which they did a lot).

Olivier studied History and Veronique studied Literature.  They both graduated.  Veronique got to meet Olivier’s parents at the graduation party.

After the graduation they headed to a brand new house just next door to Yves Champignon, not far from Artois’ mansion.  They married almost immediately at the sparsely furnished residence (Artois is getting close to the end).  Veronique met future brother-in-law, rock god Akanami, just before the wedding ceremony.

The wedding was in the back garden.

Here’s Veronique talking to father-in-law Artois, with Artois’ grandson, Jean-Pierre, in the foreground.

Olivier, meanwhile, chatted to John Lillard’s fiancee, Caryl.

Oh no! Is Veronique pregnant already?  No, she just had food poisoning from some stale food at uni.  So she rested for the rest of the reception.

The wedding party went off well.

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